Brighterlife stands out among other decluttering services as we can offer a complete Life Laundry including: 

  • Hands-on Decluttering & Organising
  • Valuation of Antiques & Collectables
  • Advice & Assistance on turning your clutter into cash
  • Life Excellence Coaching
  • Professional and sensitive assistance on Letting go of Clutter and dealing with hoarding.

People choose to employ a decluttering service for a number of reasons:



  • You might be moving house  
  • Wish to sell your home more quickly
  • Need to clear somebody else’s home after a bereavement 
  • You may also simply be living with a lot of clutter and feel like a change.  
  • You want to be able to walk into a clear, calm and inviting space. 
  • Perhaps your spare-room or garage is unusable due to a build up of clutter that you rarely use.    
  • Your office may be disorganised and paperwork may be building up and getting out of control.   




  We at BrighterLife are here to help, using organisational skills to provide you with the space you need. 


  • Enjoy a more spacious, inviting and easier to use kitchen.
  • Claim your spare room or garage back.
  • Enjoy relaxing in your decluttered living room.
  • Save time with a wardrobe full of clothes that all fit you and make you look great. 
  • Walk into an organised office so that you start your day feeling great and have greater success on a daily basis.





When you declutter your home you also declutter your mind.  My clients frequently report that they feel less stress and iritibility.  Walking into a welcoming and soothing home again will have you feeling more relaxed, happier and balanced in all areas of your life.





We can also complete the process by offering a professional valuation service where your clutter can be turned into cash.  We will provide guidance and assistance on selling your items at car boot sales, on Ebay, through local Auctions or through specialist antiques and collectables dealers.   Our Valuer has a BA degree in Fine Art Valuation, and has sixteen years of experience selling in this area.  A number of our clients continue to make extra money using the skills we have taught them, and often you will be able to more than cover the cost of our services by utilising this advice.  
We also work with people who have obsessive compulsive disorder, so please get in touch if this is an issue for you.

Sasha is a qualified Psychologist and Life-Coach, who is able to handle situations sensitively and efficiently, so that you may relax in the knowledge that the process will be made as easy and comfortable as possible.


Decluttering is a huge business in America and is frequently discussed on television shows such as Oprah, but it is fairly new to the UK, being popularised here through Sue Kay’s book No More Clutter, Dawna Walters & Mark Franks The Life Laundry - How to de-junk your life and a number of television shows.  



Decluttering services are charged at £40 per hour.  Contact us to discuss your requirements: