Are you still waiting for happiness to find you?

Will you be happy only when X happens?

Have you reached X only to find that the happiness was short lived?

Are you putting off life until X happens?

Do you believe that happy people are simply lucky?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you:



Two myths perpetuate unhappiness in our society.  The Happiness workshop dispels these myths, reveals the secrets that happy people know, and taps into the true source.  Happiness comes from within us; it is an internal state, a bliss that shines out of us, not something that is thrust upon us.


 Psychological research has indeed demonstrated a paradox in human experience, although most people strive for increased wealth, as Western societies have become richer, people have become increasingly dissatisfied with their lives!


The happiness workshop works because it is designed to bring you the skills, abilities and capabilities that naturally happy people already have, and demonstrate how YOU can develop those skills regardless of your wealth.


Are you ready to explore your new, happier and more satisfying life?



Take note, if you want to increase happiness in your life it is fruitless to sit back and wait for it to come to you, being proactive brings great rewards.  We have been conditioned to believe that happiness is something that happens to us, not something that we need to create and actively seek, but if you sit and wait all that is likely to turn up is boredom and disappointment.  Use this workshop to find out what makes you happy and how to get more of it into your life.


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Sasha also offers private one-to-one sessions on the Happiness Workshop and can provide the workshop for businesses, organisations and groups by arrangement.